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Leadership through the lens of ecology

I help existing and aspiring leaders develop strong organizational cultures so that they, and the people they lead, can thrive personally and professionally. 

As a conservation biologist by trade, I approach leadership through the lens of ecology. Tapping into lessons from the natural world is a unique, yet highly effective approach to managing human systems. 

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What people are saying...

"Inspirational! Relatable and well spoken. I got something from every story and example he shared." -Grace, Coralville, IA

"Chris is an eloquent speaker who speaks with you rather than at you. [His presentation was] excellent...with real world examples that you can relate to in your own daily career." -Amanda, Davenport, IA

"A fantastic speaker... making me want to be a better leader to my staff." -Brinkley, Marion, IA

"Insightful. Engaging. I really enjoyed the personal stories and the connection that is made." -Ben, Vinton, IA


Take this Job and...Love it!

An ecologist's guide to creating great workplaces.

Most of us went into our professions to make a difference in the world. But the day-to-day grind can wear you out, drag you down, and make you wonder whether you made the right choice. In this inspiring and motivating presentation, I tap into core principles found in the natural world to re-energize you and your team. I share actionable strategies - not just short-term “hacks” - for creating the type of workplace that you and your team can look forward to being a part of everyday. 

Evolved to Thrive

An ecologist's guide to living, with lessons from a time he almost didn't.

Ever feel like "good enough" just isn't, well...good enough? In this edge-of-your-seat presentation, I discuss practical strategies, rooted in the universal truths found in the natural world that you can use to build a not just "good enough" life, but one in which you feel like you're truly thriving. This is NOT a presentation about how to become rich, professionally successful, or find "happiness" in the shallow things modern society wants to sell us. This is a brutally honest talk about what it means to truly LIVE a good life, based on what I have learned since my near suicide attempt in college in 2005. 

Coaching Program

Organizational Ecology Masterclass

Struggling with recruitment and retention? Wish you could increase employee engagement and productivity? Want to create a place where you and your team look forward to going to work everyday? This program is for you. 

Learn how to cultivate a thriving workplace ecosystem in this 8-week live virtual course for organization leaders and managers. One-on-one and group coaching options available. 

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