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Leadership through the lens of ecology

I help existing and aspiring leaders develop strong organizational cultures so that they, and the people they lead, can thrive personally and professionally. 

As a conservation biologist by trade, I approach leadership through the lens of ecology. Tapping into lessons from the natural world is a unique, yet highly effective approach to managing human systems. 

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What people are saying...

"Inspirational! Relatable and well spoken. I got something from every story and example he shared." -Grace, Coralville, IA

"Chris is an eloquent speaker who speaks with you rather than at you. [His presentation was] excellent...with real world examples that you can relate to in your own daily career." -Amanda, Davenport, IA

"A fantastic speaker... making me want to be a better leader to my staff." -Brinkley, Marion, IA

"Insightful. Engaging. I really enjoyed the personal stories and the connection that is made." -Ben, Vinton, IA

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My Presentations

Take this Job and...Love it!

An ecologist's guide to creating places people want to work.
In today's competitive work environment, leaders must find ways to energize and inspire their team and motivate future employees to join. But how? 

In this presentation, "workplace ecologist" Chris Lee shows how focusing on the workplace "ecosystem" is the most important work a leader can do today. 

His framework, the "Five-P's of a thriving culture" gives actionable strategies to create a People-centric, Purpose-driven, Process-oriented, Proactive organization that takes a long-view and optimistic Perspective. 

Leading from the Middle

"Workplace ecosystem" strategies for the upwardly mobile. 
You don't have to be in a leadership role to influence your workplace culture, or "ecosystem." This presentation provides actionable strategies for employees at any level to make an impact. 

Pulling from personal experience, Chris Lee looks at companies that got it right and ones that missed the mark. Then, looking at workplace culture through the lens of ecology, he highlights the best ways to improve the ecosystem from wherever one is on the org chart.

Surthrival of the Fittest

"An ecologist's guide to a good life."

The pandemic is behind us. The job market is robust. Technology is helping us in ways previous generations never could have imagined. So why are we still so miserable? 

Chris Lee, Conservation Biologist and “Workplace Ecologist” looks at our situation through an ecologist’s eyes and identifies the unique competitive advantages that helped our species win the natural selection lottery. He then shares tips on how to tap into those advantages to thrive as only humans can.