Ben Thomson Interview Part 3 - Apparel & Gear

In this video segment from my interview with trophy whitetail hunter Ben Thomson, we discuss what he wears and the critical gear he never goes to the stand without. Our conversation in this one is pretty wide ranging, at one point even questioning whether karma plays a factor in the luck he's had over the years.

This is one of several segments I recorded during the rather lengthy interview I had with Mr. Thomson earlier this month. We covered a bunch of topics which I've assembled into about half a dozen different video clips. I've posted a couple to this site already (Part 1 & Part 2), with more to come, so check back soon for more.

And of course, if you learned anything from this post or have some insight of your own to share, leave a comment. The best thing we can do to become better sportsmen is to share our knowledge with each other. 

Until next time...happy hunting!