Podcast Ep. 13 - Bob Etzel, Retired Tama County Director

When one county department sues another over a hog confinement issue, that's a story worth telling. But then again, over a 40-year career, you end up with plenty of stories to tell. Bob Etzel retired from Tama County Conservation after a four-decade stint as the department's director. In this episode, recorded back in mid-2020, he shares some of his insight from a long career in county conservation. We discuss working with boards, favorite books, hiring good employees, the likelihood that Tom Hazelton (soon-to-be-retired CEO of Iowa's County Conservation System) will fundraise for county conservation from a future senior citizens home, and more. 

Some other names are mentioned in our discussion, some of which are episodes of their own: Tom Hazelton (Ep. 12), Daryl Parker (Ep. 6), and Tom Buckley (Ep. 4). Be sure to check those out if you haven't already. 

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