Podcast Ep. 14 - Kami Rankin & Shae Rossetti on Marketing & Community Engagement

If you build it, but nobody knows about it, will anybody come? What's the "personality" of your organization? How do you build so much trust among your community that 81% of it votes to give you $65 million to further your parks and conservation efforts?

That's what I discuss with Kami Rankin and Shae Rossetti from Polk County Conservation in this episode. They were responsible for the department's community outreach efforts for years, recently culminating in the successful $65 million bond issue. 

You'll notice in this conversation that "community outreach" is more than just marketing. It's relationship building and it's an ongoing, multifaceted effort.

For those of us that don't spend much time in the marketing world, there are some good takeaways here that might help get more people in our parks and help them better understand who we are as organizations, which could help in many ways...65 million of them in Polk County Conservation's case. 

Please enjoy this episode and if you have a colleague in the field that might benefit from hearing it too, share it with them. Also, don't forget to subscribe and leave a review. 


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