Podcast: Legislative Update with Adam Shirley

There's a lot going on in the statehouse lately, notably a bill in the Senate that would fund the Natural Resources and Outdoor Recreation Trust Fund (aka IWiLL) while making some significant changes to various other tax codes (the bill is currently labeled SSB1125, but that's likely to change as it moves through the process). In this episode, I chat with ICCS CEO Adam Shirley about some of the bill's details, what some of the response has been to it, and what we can do as parks and conservation professionals to keep the Trust funding momentum going. 

As with all legislative updates, this information is time-sensitive and may or not still be applicable if you listen much past the publication date (Feb. 22, 2023 in this case). I will do my best to post more updates as things move along legislatively so be sure to subscribe to the show and check in regularly. 

Thanks for all you do for Iowa's parks and natural resources and let's get this Trust funded this year!

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Want to learn more about a bill or find your legislator? Start here: https://www.legis.iowa.gov

Also, I've written quite a bit about the Trust Fund on this blog over the years. Find those posts here.