Podcast Ep. 28 - Richard Erke, Retired Decatur County Director

Let's call this another installment of the County Conservation Legacy Society. 

Richard Erke retired last year after 39 years in Decatur County. I love having conversations with long-serving conservation leaders because the perspective looking back on a 4-decade career is much different than what it is for us in the still deep in the trenches. This particular conversation reinforced for me, yet again, the power of unrelenting and long-standing pursuit of something bigger. It's easy to get lost in the short-term struggles of budgets, annual maintenance, and small projects. But it's important to never forget that all of those fights, the small setbacks and little wins, collectively add up to something big. And after a few decades, we all will eventually get to look back on the impact we had on our landscapes, on our communities, and on the people we impacted along the way. 

Every day, we're creating a legacy. And for me, it's fun to talk to those that already have. This is one of those conversations.


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