Podcast Ep. 41 - How do you build a $4.5M nature center in a county of less than 15,000? Scott Nelson tells us how.

Willow Lake Nature Center in Harrison County, Iowa

In Harrison County, Iowa, less than an hour northeast of Omaha is the brand new Willow Lake Nature Center, now the headquarters of Harrison County Conservation and the showpiece for Willow Lake Recreation Area. In this episode, I talk with Conservation Director Scott Nelson about how such a big project came to be (it was 10 years in the making), and how he cultivated the relationships necessary to tackle such an undertaking in a small county.

And while we do get into the practical and tactical stuff, what I was really interested in was the human dimension. The working with policy makers and budget writers, the impact on the staff, and the decisions along the way that impacted those relationships. Because as leaders, cultivating relationships is paramount to moving our dreams forward. And Scott is a great one to learn from in that dimension.

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