Podcast Ep. 42 - Modern day CCC - How to supercharge your staff capacity and create opportunities for young people with a heart for service

For the last four weeks, I've had the benefit of having a 7-person Americorps NCCC team serving with my team at Des Moines County Conservation. Today, after the last-day lunch I treated them to, I sat down with a couple of the team members to discuss their experience with the program, best practices for managing a team, and the opportunities that national service programs such as Americorps offers young people today.

The Americorps National Civilian Community Corps (NCCC) is a 10-11 month service program for young people ages 18-26. Participants gain experience while supporting climate change mitigation, building affordable housing, disaster response, and more - including improving local park amenities and trail systems like they've done while serving with my department. They travel the country, all expenses paid, and earn money for college while serving on a team full-time.

For us as sponsoring organizations, the only real obligation is having enough work for a team to keep busy 40+ hours per week for up to 8+ weeks and providing somewhere for them to live while serving the community.

To learn more about the various Americorps programs discussed in this episode, go to www.Americorps.gov.

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