Podcast Ep. 53. Jessica DeAngelo - The power of trail hikes for developing business and leadership skills

Jessica DeAngelo helps corporate leaders and entrepreneurs develop clear and actionable business strategies using a powerful tool: the hiking trail.

A self-proclaimed "hiking business strategist," Jessica uses time on the trail in her consulting business to help corporate clients gain clarity, improve insight, and connect with other team members.

In this episode, we talk about how, and more importantly, WHY she chose to start her own unique consulting business. We discuss some of her experiences with clients and the value they've found out on the trail (and outside the conference room), and we end with some valuable insight for parks professionals from the perspective of someone who works in nature and in public lands, but isn't a traditional outdoor recreation professional.

This was a fun conversation with someone that's really carving out a unique niche in the business development and corporate consulting industry.

To learn more about Jessica DeAngelo and the work she's doing on and off the trail, find her online at https://www.deangeloconsultingllc.com/ or on LinkedIn at https://www.linkedin.com/in/jessica-deangelo-mba/.

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