Podcast Ep. 56 - Iowa's largest river cleanup event - Project AWARE

This year, Project AWARE will pull its 1,000,000th pound of trash from Iowa's rivers...with volunteers in canoes! 

In this episode, I talk with the organizers behind Iowa's Project AWARE - A Watershed Awareness River Expedition - the state's largest annual river cleanup event. 

We discuss the logistics, challenges, and the incredible organizing effort that goes into orchestrating these massive cleanup events. From coordinating 225 people in canoes to tackling funding hurdles, these dedicated river rats discuss how this program has been cleaning the state's rivers for two decades.

Tune in to learn how this dedicated group is working to build a community actively engaged in enjoying and maintaining Iowa’s watersheds, 200+ paddlers at a time.

Find Project AWARE online at ⁠www.iowaprojectaware.org/⁠

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