Two-Bit Tuesday: December 26, 2017

This is a new thing I've been thinking about starting here on Outdoor Executive Dad. Two-Bit Tuesday is/will be just a quick little post with two things that I'm thinking about that week. It might be little tidbits of insight. Or a quote from someone. Or just some rumination about something. It's just two bits of information to get you thinking during the week.

This Tuesday actually snuck up on me with the holiday hitting on a Monday and the fact I've been laid out with a cold all day (at least I wasn't sick on Christmas). But it is still technically Tuesday (for a few more hours anyway) so here are today's Two Bits:

People received a ton of unwanted gifts this Christmas

About $90 billion worth of gifts will be returned this holiday season,according to this article I found on CNBC. That's a lot of unwanted gifts. 40 percent of those will be returned this week alone.

I would like to return this cold, please.

Dogs don't actually eat other dogs

"It's a dog-eat-dog world...Except dogs don't actually eat other dogs." -Terry Crews, on the Tim Ferriss Show podcast.

Terry Crews is one of my favorite actors and he shares some amazing (and hilarious) stories on that podcast episode. If you get the chance, listen to it. I'll write more about it on a post later this week. There's some great insight in the stories he tells.

Until next time...

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