Podcast Episode 4 - Dan Biechler, Retired Linn County Conservation Director

This was the very first recording I did for what has now become this podcast. This is an interview with Dan Biechler, the then-Director at Linn County Conservation. This was recorded in early 2018, just about a week before Dan retired. He served 42 years with Linn County, 30 of them as Director. At the time I recorded this, I didn’t know what I would do with the recordings. You’ll hear us talk about a future book I might write, which may still happen. Who knows what the future holds. I just knew then, and still believe now, that I wanted to talk with these veteran conservation leaders before they left the industry. And that’s really what got this all started. But like I said, it was my first interview and I had no idea what I was doing. So I apologize in advance for the audio quality. Nevertheless, there’s some great insight in this episode. Dan is an interesting guy. In addition to being a devoted family man and conservation leader, he’s also an avid model train enthusiast and lover of music. This was a fun interview and I hope you enjoy this conversation with Dan Biechler, retired Linn County Conservation Director.

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