Podcast Ep. 10 - Tom Hazelton, CEO of Iowa's County Conservation System

Tom Hazelton is to County Conservation what Aldo Leopold is to the concept of a Land Ethic, or what Ding Darling is to political cartoons about environmental topics. Tom has been involved in County Conservation his entire adult life, having served a full career as a Park Ranger in Linn County then "retiring" into the role of CEO of Iowa's County Conservation System in 2011. At the end of 2022, Tom will "retire" yet again, handing over the CEO reigns to a new leader. But he won't go far. We're sure he'll stay involved in County Conservation well past the half-century mark. 

In this episode, Tom shares his history with the CCB system which, in many ways, is the history of the system as a whole. If you ever wanted to hear from someone that truly embodies leadership regarding parks and conservation, at least in the state of Iowa, this is the episode to tune into. 

Enjoy, and thanks for listening!

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