Podcast Ep. 19 - Jeremy Hess on the intersection of parks and economic development

Some business deals get done in bars. Others, as today's guest, Jeremy Hess, has discovered, get done in boats. On the river. While catching catfish. 

As the Director of Economic Development for the Greater Burlington Partnership, Jeremy knows a thing or two about bringing businesses to town. He also knows how important parks and recreation amenities are to business leaders and today's workforce. This conversation explores the intersection of parks and economic development. Along the way, we discuss the importance of leadership and how we as park and conservation leaders are key players in the economic development of our communities. 

Admittedly, much of our conversation focuses on the region we're from here in Southeast Iowa but the takeaway points, I think, are fairly universal no matter what community you happen to be from. 

If you'd like to hear another interview with Jeremy Hess, check out his interview on the All Things Greater Burlington podcast. 

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