Fellow county conservationists, I need your help

Hey fellow county conservationists, I need your help. 

Over the holiday break I determined that the scope of the OED podcast is, and will most likely continue to be, focused on county conservation. That’s the world I know and love and therefore is the world for which I want to create content. So I need feedback from you, the county conservation employee, regarding what topics to cover and who to talk to on this show. 

And also, what should I call it? I don’t know that the "Outdoor Executive Dad" moniker is that helpful for making the show discoverable. But maybe that doesn’t matter? I don’t know…. 

So here’s your chance to help craft the content for THE podcast for county conservation professionals. Email me at OutdoorExecutiveDad@gmail.com or leave a comment here on the website with any suggestions you have. 

Thanks for all you do and I look forward to seeing where this journey takes us.