Podcast Ep. 31 - Insights from 40+ years of conservation education with Dr. Jim Pease

Dr. Jim Pease is an Associate Professor Emeritus in the Natural Resources, Ecology, and Management (NREM) department at Iowa State University. He's been teaching people about the natural world for over 40 years in both formal and informal settings and his list of credentials is impressive, to say the least. He is certainly leaving a legacy here in Iowa. 

Today he continues to paddle Iowa rivers (he's logged over 2200 miles of them so far!), consulting with the DNR and water trails programs; he hosts a monthly wildlife program, called "Talk of Iowa" on Iowa Public Radio; he's an active speaker and writer and serves in several leadership positions, including as a board member for Story County Conservation.

Dr. Pease has impacted countless people in his career and in this conversation, he shares his thoughts on preventing burnout among staff, wilderness programs, river restoration and river trails projects, what we as current and future parks and conservation leaders should be thinking about as we move forward in our careers, and lots more.

If you'd like to connect with Dr. Pease, contact him via email at jlpease@iastate.edu. 

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