Podcast Ep. 32 - What is "inclusive" play, really? A deep dive into Burlington's $1.5M playground project

The term "inclusive" gets thrown around a lot in the outdoor recreation industry but what does "inclusive" play really mean? 

In the city of Burlington, Iowa, park leaders are showing us exactly what it means as they construct a $1.5 million destination playground that will be the most inclusive playground in the region. This playground goes well beyond just "accessible." It will give kids of varying abilities the opportunity to play side-by-side with each other.

In this episode, I talk on-site with Ryan Gourley and Eric Tysland about how this project came to be, why they chose to tackle such an expensive project, and how they've managed to make it a reality. We talk about public input, marketing, fundraising, and most importantly, WHY such a project is important. 

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