OED Podcast is now Parks and Restoration

The Outdoor Executive Dad Podcast is now the Parks and Restoration Podcast.

In an effort to better reflect the content of the show, to make it easier to find in search, and to better describe where the show has gone and will continue to go content-wise, I've renamed the show. All past episodes will stay posted and the feed will remain the same. 

The name, cover art, and intro music has changed, as has the scope, somewhat. While much of the content will continue to be relevant to county conservation professionals here in Iowa, there will be plenty more that will have broader scope. I don't want to leave out our colleagues at municipal park departments, state agencies, or those working for NGOs. We may not see each other at conferences and we all have our particular niches that we fill in the parks and conservation world, we're all working together to leave a better world for the next generation. 

As always, thank you for all you do out there in your communities and on the landscape. Keep enjoying the show and keep leaving a legacy for parks and conservation!

If you have ideas/suggestions for future episodes, email me with them.