Podcast Ep. 33 - Shaping the future of our communities with Confluence [Sponsor Spotlight]

How do you take big ideas and turn them into community-impacting reality? These guys know. 

Confluence is the consulting firm that worked with the City of Burlington on a master planning process and then the ultra-inclusive destination playground project at the city's Dankwardt Park which was the topic of Episode 32. Confluence is a professional creative firm dedicated to bringing people, ideas, and their creative process to shape the future of our communities. Having seen first-hand some of the work they've done, especially through public input processes on that playground project, I wanted to get them on the show. 

In this sponsored episode I talk with Patrick Alvord and Ben Sandell about the work that Confluence has done, the impacts it has made through that work, and also the details of the planning and public input processes they used to bring a $1.5 million fully inclusive playground to life. 

"Make no small plans."

What big dream do you have for your park or community? Don't let it live forever only as a dream. Get it out into the world but then be patient. 

"Nothing good ever happens fast."

Just like growing trees or restoring prairies, great things take time. Sometimes lots of it. The folks at Confluence recognize that and they're playing the long game, which is a rare trait in our gotta-have-it-now society. 

So when you're ready to start turning dreams into reality, reach out to the team at Confluence. They specialize in turning dreams into community features. 

"Think ahead. Think Confluence."

For more information, visit ⁠www.thinkconfluence.com⁠.

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Below are some of the Idea Boards from the Dankwardt Playground planning & public input process.