Podcast Ep. 36 - Turkeys for Tomorrow with Jason Lupardus

This brand new nonprofit wild turkey conservation organization is investing heavily in research, collaboration, and ways of getting turkey science out to the hunting public. 

Turkeys for Tomorrow (TFT) officially began in February of 2021 with the goal of reversing declining wild turkey populations using research as the foundation of decision making. The organization is currently working with several universities on multiple research projects. 

TFT also sponsors the Wild Turkey Science podcast which takes research out of the realm of academia and put it squarely in the hands of those of us out on the landscape so we can use it to make informed management decisions. 

In this episode, I talk with Jason Lupardus, Director of Business Operations and Partnerships at TFT about how the organization came about, what it's currently doing, where it's headed in the future, and how we as conservation professionals can be part of restoring wild turkey populations. 

If you like this episode and want to hear more turkey talk, check out my interview with Dan Kaminski from Iowa DNR who is leading the turkey research in Iowa, episode 27.

And finally, if you find value in this or any episode of this show, please share it with your colleagues in the field. Unlike a lot of shows, this one is very specific to our industry so I see no use promoting it to the disinterested masses. But if we can share it with others in the parks and conservation world, we can all improve collectively. And that can have a big impact on our lands, our communities, and future generations. 

Thanks for listening, and thanks for all you do for parks and conservation!

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