Podcast Ep. 46 - Purpose inspires - a leadership focused mini-episode

This is the second of five (or more) mini-episodes I will post focused on leadership and organizational culture. Through these episodes, I will discuss my framework, the 5-P's of a Thriving Culture, that I present through my leadership speaking and consulting work.

This one is all about Purpose and how connecting your people and organization to something bigger can be intrinsically motivating.

If you're interested in learning more or digging deeper into these topics, reach out to me at outdoorexecutivedad@gmail.com or contact me through the comment form at www.outdoorexecutivedad.com.

A big thanks to Bolton & Menk for sponsoring these leadership episodes. To learn more about those guys and how they're focused on impacting parks and conservation in Iowa, check out episode 40 and my interview with Emily Naylor.

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