Podcast Ep. 47 - How to run for local office - a conversation with Robert Critser, Burlington City Councilman

What if more parks and conservation people ran for office?

I've long thought that more outdoor-minded people need to be in office. But how do you even run for such a position?

Turns out, I happen to know one of the members of my local city council would probably be willing to have a chat on the show to walk us through how to run and what it's like serving on a local council. This is that wide-ranging conversation.

I recognize that many of us are likely not in a position to run for office. We love what we do in our departments. But I also know that many people in our industry live in jurisdictions outside of where we work. And my hope is that this reaches those that feel called to serve on a larger scale. Maybe that's you. Maybe that's someone you know. Either way, I hope this removes some perceived barriers to stepping into such a role.

If there's someone out there you think might benefit from this, please share it with them. Just imagine if more outdoor-minded people were in positions to make the scale of impact that only those in office can.

Just imagine...

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